Top 5 tips for preventing implant failure

While preserving natural dentition is a primary goal of contemporary dentistry, in some cases extractions are necessary, and appropriate substitutes are required. The advancements in technology, surgical techniques and tissue engineering make dental implants the most reliable tooth replacement treatment. When performed well, dental implants can last for many years, with over 90% success rate, while effectively restoring your mouth’s functions and esthetics. The long-term viability of dental implants depends on their fusion into the jawbone, through a process called “Osseointegration”, and on the health condition of the surrounding gums. Despite the rarity of dental implant failure, special dental care is needed to maintain their proper health and function and assure their lasting success.
Here are 5 tips on how to prevent implant failure and other related complications, given by our top AB Dental experts:


Tip #1: Oral hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is of the utmost important solution to not only prevent possible implant failure, but also avoid other dental problems, such as cavities, infections, gingivitis, and more. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, for two minutes total, without missing any tooth surface. Do so gently, especially next to the implants, and make sure the soft bristles of your toothbrush enfold every reachable area of the tooth. Brushing is only the first step, as it cannot reach the tight areas between the teeth. That is why the next step is a vital one – flossing. This should be done thoroughly and gently between all the teeth. Some people are advised to use other means of inter-dental cleaning tools, according to their condition. The final step, although not necessary for everyone, is a mouthwash, depending on specific dental issues. One should always consult his Dentist or Dental Hygienist about the recommended maintenance routine.


Tip #2: Balance is the key

A healthy and balanced diet will not only prevent possible implant failure but also maintain your teeth and body healthy and strong. Reduction of carbohydrate consumption, including all kinds of sugars, is a good start, and avoidance of sticky sweets is advised. Another important thing to our general health is adequate hydration, which also helps wash away the bacteria and food remnants during the day. Reduction of acidic and sparkling drinks and food will help prevent damage to teeth and dental restorations.


Tip #3: Don’t let your dentist miss you

Consulting with your dentist regarding any significant changes in your dental health is a sure way to prevent implant failure: any bleeding, irritation, sensation, redness, inflammation or any other symptom associated with dental infections should be treated with utmost care and attention. Regular dental checkups are highly important in order to avoid long-term and possibly irreversible damage to your teeth, as well as to dental implants.


Tip #4: Smoking is a big NO

If you are a regular smoker, we suggest at least cutting down on the number of cigarettes, if not quitting completely. Many studies showed that smoking is associated with tooth and gum deterioration. Over 80% of smokers have a dental-associated issues, such as plaque and calculus accumulation, gingival damage and staining of the teeth. Smoking can definitely increase complications and reduce the success rate of implants and other dental surgical procedures, as it weakens your body’s ability to heal and may eventually lead to implant failure.


Tip #5: Healthy lifestyle = healthy implants

Did you know that getting enough sleep aids tissue repairing and overall health, as well as reducing inflammation in your body? Sports, such as jogging or power walking, can also do a tremendous job of helping your body recuperate faster and better. A healthy diet paired with a good night’s sleep and a little bit of movement can make a huge difference in your teeth’s health, as everything in the body is interconnected.


If you like these tips make sure to leave us any questions and comments you might have. And, as always, smile and stay healthy!


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