Punta Cana Implantology Congress: Agenda

It’s a well-known fact that great dentists are extremely busy people, who always learn and looking to improve. But do they have what it takes to fit some fun into their packed schedules?
At AB Dental’s International Implantology Congress in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, we have combined cutting-edge dental knowledge with a dreamy tropical adventure.
Preparations are already underway for the big event, coming this October – where the guests will enjoy a 5-day stay at an all-inclusive 5-star resort.
As part of the professional program, 18 leading speakers from around the globe will share their expertise on key implantology topics with congress participants. Get ready to meet some of the most influential and inspiring figures in dentistry, as they present a dynamic array of topics:  


Dr. Sarkis Sözkes (Turkey) 
Implant failures: clinical and biological considerations

Clinical and experimental studies have focused on the mechanisms of tissue integration and the possibilities of ensuring long-term success. Implant failure can be caused by many factors, such as morphology fractures, material failures, and more. Dr. Sözkes will delve into these cases, presenting contemporary research data as well as clinical and biological implications. 


Prof. Ioannis P. Georgakopoulos (Greece) 
Implant placement in the problematic posterior maxilla with the use of a UV activator and growth factors without SFE

This innovative implant placement, via a novel atraumatic technique using a UV activator, transforms the implant surface into a hydrophilic environment – providing a method that can be used instead of sinus floor elevation (SFE).


Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier (Israel) 
Does the length of the implant inserted in maxillary sinuses with bone grafting influence survival rates? “I think, therefore I am”

Bone transplantation in the maxillary sinus is an approved, successful procedure that has been practiced for over 30 years. Dr. Yatzkaier will present the latest developments in sinus floor elevation, and attempt to shed light on the question: Is there any advantage to the length of the implant introduced into the maxillary sinus where the bone was grafted? 


Dr. Iván Delgado Argüello (Nicaragua) 
Allograft bone combined with I-ON implant in anterior sector regeneration

A case study of a removed implant that lost the vestibular plate, and a guided bone regeneration that was performed with allograft, titanium mesh, and an acellular dermal matrix in order to gain hard and soft tissues, and create the biological conditions for placing an AB Dental I-ON implant in the anterior sector.


Dr. Arun Garg (USA) 
Current concepts in bone grafting the deficient anterior maxilla

This presentation shows several step-by-step methods to add bone volume to the deficient anterior maxilla using bone plates harvested from the mandible as well as those produced by tissue banks. Moreover, a short review will be presented on how to optimize bone graft consistency, healing, maturation, and density through the use of autologous blood concentrates.


Prof. Eli Raviv (USA) 
The use of short, narrow implants in reduced alveolar bone volume

Dentists often face challenges when placing implants in an area of reduced alveolar bone volume. Short and narrow implants have been used for the past twenty years, as a possible treatment alternative to bone grafting procedures in patients with limited alveolar bone height and volume in the maxilla and severely atrophic mandible. In this course, Dr. Eli Raviv will discuss the criteria for a successful clinical application of short wide and narrow-diameter implants. 


Dr. Ciprian Capraru (Romania) 
Cemented vs. screw-retained restoration

During his presentation, Dr. Ciprian Capraru will raise and answer 3 truly important questions for each practitioner that has the opportunity to choose between a screw-retained and a cement-retained restoration. The questions raised are: “When and what do we choose in order to maximize implant life, have the best esthetics and minimize the likelihood of complications”? “Do we always make the right decision”? and “What is the correct choice”?


Dr. José Manuel Mendoza Ferrer (El Salvador) 
Digital planning and immediate loading

Dr. José Manuel Mendoza Ferrer will talk about digital planning, combining the technique of immediate loading and rehabilitation with CAD/CAM restorations using AB Dental’s resources for their integration.


Dr. Juan Alonso Genao Frias (Dominican Republic) 
Orthognathic Surgery and Implantology

Comprehensive rehabilitation drives us to innovate, combining techniques in order to achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic results for our patients. By combining orthognathic surgery with implantology, we can achieve far more complete and flattering results than by using local augmentation techniques alone. 


Want to discover the second half of our incredible speakers? Stay tuned for the next article.

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