TDSD Step Drills



AB Dental’s coated step drills are designed to enable comfortable, accurate, stable and reliable drilling of the Osteotomy.

The features and advantages of TDSD drills:

1. Straight Drills with Stepped Apex

  • TDSD drills are available in diameters 2.5mm to 5.5mm, similar to the TD straight drills and TDD coated straight drills.
  • The apical 4mm portion of the drill has the same diameter as the previous drill.
    This will enable high stability while drilling and will provide better comfort and ease for the dentist to drill in a straight line following the previous drill.
  • The reduced Osteotomy’s apical diameter will enable higher implant stability.

2. Dark Gray Special coating

  • Increases the lifespan of the drills, due to better sharpness and resistance to corrosion – up to 50 uses instead of 30 for uncoated drills.
  • Provides better contrast and distinction of depth marks in wet working conditions.

3. Color-coding

The recommended drill protocol is the same as for straight drills.

4. drill protocol

TDSD drills have the same color-coding as previous drills, but with respect to the larger diameter of each drill.

View the TDSD drill protocol.

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