P5-20 Angular ball attachment 20°

• Multi-optional angular ball attachment, which is designed to stabilize a denture on tilted implants, provides the dentist a solution even at extreme angles.
• The angular ball attachment is provided with a stainless steel cap and a silicon intermediate cap.
• The silicon cap is available in three degrees of hardness 1-3, from the hardest to the softest.
• Available in different heights: 1mm- 6mm.
• Issued patent.
• The ball is not welded to the abutment, but made of one unit.
• This feature reduces the possibility of potential detachment of the ball from the abutment.
• Provides multiple solutions for difficulties in affixing and removing overdentures, side pressures from other teeth/implants and prevents wear of ball attachment.
• Excellent solution for non-parallel implants, even at extreme angles, for accurate joints on overdenture implants.
• Platform switching by design, allowing a perfect environment for the soft-tissues growth and helps prevent bone resorption.



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Solutions for Restoration on Non-Parallel Implants booklet.

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