P14 Angular adaptor

  • The adaptor (base & cone) is used for screw-retained restoration and enables rehabilitation on non-parallel implants by correcting extreme angles of the implant.
  • The angle of the implant is corrected by using a base.
  • The base is available at angles of 17˚ and 30˚ and at heights of 1 mm and 3 mm. The cone enables connection of a temporary titanium abutment or permanent abutment made with plastic sleeves for casting.
    Issued patent.
  • CAD/CAM restoration.
  • A perfect solution for “All-on-4” restorations.
  • A multi-unit that enables the dentist to reach an esthetic solution in cases of rehabilitation of implants in extreme angles.
  • Fixes extreme angles of 17˚ and 30˚.
  • Platform switching by design, allowing a perfect environment for the soft-tissues growth and helps to prevent bone resorption.
  • A variety of sleeves can be connected to the cone as well as a ball attachment.



Click here for CAD/CAM 3D libraries downloads


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Solutions for Restoration on Non-Parallel Implants booklet.

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