I7 Integral implant

• One-piece implant combining implant and abutment in conical form.
• Groovy Integral implant (Smart Implant).
• Suitable for immediate loading where there is enough bone in both dimensions (height and width) as in post-extraction sockets.
• Recommended for the low jaw in the anterior zone.
• Quick insertion, Increased strength due to unified structure.
• Sharp and deep threads that facilitate primary stability.
• Ideal for non-surgical approach.
• Its optimal usage is for mild and dense bone.
• The mechanical preparations (grinding) are optional but are only to be done in the patient’s mouth, not in the lab.
• Extra short implants with a length of 6 mm are offered in the 4.2 and 5mm diameter.
• Biological surface – the implant undergoes special blasting with calcium phosphate for surface roughening and enhanced osseointegration.

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