CAD/CAM Info & Libraries

  • These 3D libraries enable precise computerized planning of the future restoration by scanning the implants and/or abutments of all types.
  • The scanning information is used to produce a precise restoration of AB implants using CAD/CAM.
  • CAD/CAM technology simplifies the workflow, ensuring accuracy, speed and patient comfort.
  • AB Dental products have been added to the libraries of a wide range of companies.
  • Also for intraoral Scanning.



The relevant data is incorporated in the libraries of the following systems:




Dental wings:


Exocad (also compatible with ZirkonZahn and Amann Girrbach):

AB-Dental DigitalModelAnalog V6.1 Exocad

AB-Dental CADCAM Exocad Library V6.1 structure

Instructions to place AB-Dental CADCAM products libraries within Exocad CAD software

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