BIOFILL-S is a porous synthetic ceramic, containing 99.9% beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), designed for the filling of bone voids or defects, and is available in several geometries (granules, blocks, cylinders and wedges).
BIOFILL-S macro porosity and porous interconnectivity allow excellent osteointegration, as well as a total vascularization of the implant with excellent mechanical resistance.
BIOFILL-S stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts, allowing a total replacement by new vital bone during the healing process, within 1-6 months.

• Excellent mechanical resistant
• Excellent malleability
• Excellent replacement by new bone

Clinical Application

Socket and ridge preservation
Lateral bone window closure
Lateral augmentation/Ridge augmentation
Filling of extraction sockets
Closed Sinus augmentation
Sinus augmentation with implantation
Bone defects
Sinus augmentation
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