AB•Scan Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral Scanner

By BenQ

An easy, fast and accurate intra-oral scanner, for 3D realistically-colored, high-resolution images of the mouth and teeth


  • Easy
  • Precise
  • Friendly software
  • Realistic colors
  • Powder-free & Active defogging
  • Scans the whole mouth without implants limit
  • Neutrals “background noise” – tongue, finger, etc.
  • The leading brand in DLP technology (Digital Light Processing)
  • AI intelligent data optimization
  • Metal scanning function – abutments, healing caps, crowns, etc.
  • Suitable for any purpose of Intra-Oral scan
  • Scanning of the jaw without temporary restorations
  • Open file format – STL or OBJ scan data
  • Comfortable work with the lab in a CLOUD (free)
  • Free lifetime software updates! Updates are performed automatically


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