How to make your patients smile in the long run

79% of a dental clinic’s patients are more likely to return to the same clinic due to great customer service. Being focused on offering great service contributes to client retention, which involves lowering costs to bring old patients back rather than acquiring new ones, being also more likely to recommend you to others.
It requires a little more effort, but nothing compares with the power of a cheerful patient. It will make your day and the atmosphere in your office more pleasant.
Treating your patients as close people who have names and worries, will make them fill good and respected.
We, at AB Dental, believe in offering the best services and being a top leader on the market – from the treatment, you give them to the bond that you manage to create with the patients, so we are also here for you to advise how to make your patients smile in the long run and increase the customer satisfaction.


Smile, be warm, be friendly!

A simple smile goes a long way. When patients enter your clinic, they already don’t feel well, some of them also being afraid…so a smile from your side and also your staff, can loosen them a little and make them feel welcomed and appreciated. They are the core of your practice, so transmit them that you are glad to have them there and help with their problems.
It’s important to guide and follow the smiling routine also with your staff, starting from the receptionist to the cleaning personnel.


Respect the scheduled hours

Patients’ number one complaint concerns waiting for the doctor to arrive. Nothing is more frustrating than still being in the waiting room 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment. So, show them you respect them and their time by respecting the scheduled hours.


Be attentive and caring to your patient’s needs

Before entering the room, do a little research about your patient’s history to be better prepared and show them you really care and follow their tracks. Nobody likes to repeat themselves, and when you tell them that you know about their problem, they feel like you care and they are not just another patient. Also, listen to what they have to say and propose solutions that will make them feel the most comfortable.


Address patients by their name

You probably have hundreds of patients, but making a little effort to remember their names, will make them feel acknowledged and important to you. In this way, you are getting closer to them and it also helps you practice building meaningful relationships.


Don’t forget the small talk

Even if it’s important to stick to your schedule, make time for a quick small talk so your patients won’t feel rushed. Small talk can be done also during treatments, especially if they are long (and even if the client can’t really answer). When you see them, don’t jump straight to business. Have a little chat to loosen the nerves. Ask them how was their day, the weekend, or something that they are excited about. This will make your patients feel relaxed and treated like human beings.


Set in a friendly tone

From the moment they arrive at your clinic, they will encounter your staff. Make sure they are treating every patient with a smile and friendly tone and gestures, so they will feel welcomed and keep them coming back. These simple details can make patients lose their anxiety and feel more positive and peaceful.

Summing up, these quick and affordable practices can make a huge difference within your work and you will be sure that your patients will always feel comfortable, leaving your clinic with a smile on their faces and be more likely to come back or recommend you to others.


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