Breaking Boundaries in Implantology: An exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Zarcha

Unlocking the secrets to exceptional implantology requires more than just skill and experience. It demands a keen eye for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
Dr. Michael Zarcha is a leader in the world of dental healthcare, whose profound insights have revolutionized the field.

Renowned as a proud member of the Israeli Association of Oral Implantology and the German Society of Oral Implantology, Dr. Zarcha has garnered a remarkable reputation as an esteemed expert in the field of implantology. Owner of a private dental practice in Tel Aviv and Holon, he specializes in a comprehensive range of oral implantology procedures.


For over a decade, Dr. Zarcha has remained a loyal client member of the honored AB Dental family, consistently entrusting his practice to AB Dental’s products and services. In an exclusive interview for AB Dental, Dr. Zarcha shares his profound understanding and extensive knowledge regarding I-ON implants, as well as the capabilities of CAD/CAM products and libraries. 

We had the privilege of engaging in an insightful conversation with Dr. Zarcha, delving into the nuances of implant selection, the transformative power of CAD/CAM technology, and his visionary outlook on the future of implantology.


When did you start working with AB Dental implants and what is your favorite implant? Why?

I have been working with AB Dental implants for 12 years. It has been a long journey! I have been working with many types of implants in the AB portfolio but my favorite implant is I55. The AB I55 implant design is compatible with almost any bone type and I can use it for various situations, including immediate loading in the esthetic zone, which is a situation that I encounter occasionally in my clinic.

In what cases do you prefer to use I-ON implants and in which cases do you recommend using I-ON implants? 

I use I-ON implants in highly demanding cases where the chances for complications are higher, and definitely in cases of second implantation after a failure occurred. I also recommend using them in narrow buccal bone sites where stable implant-abutment connection is needed especially in the anterior maxilla where predictable, long-lasting aesthetic results are mandatory.

What’s your best tip for dentists looking to work with I-ON?

The most updated publications about implant-abutment connections are definitely pro conical connection which is, by far, better mechanically and biologically. We must deliver our patients the best medical solution available.


Tell us a bit about working with AB Dental’s CAD/CAM products and libraries.

For the last two years, we completely digitalized our work. AB Dental’s accurate CAD/CAM products and libraries provide us with easy and fluent solutions for excellent rehabilitation.


How did the CAD/CAM products and libraries change your work and how is the sync with your laboratory when working with CAD/CAM

Today we only scan digitally. It has the perfect accuracy, diminishing any need for conventional impressions-taking. It is a big advantage for both the patient and the doctor.
Our sync with the laboratory is on a constant curve of improvement.


What would you advise a dentist who wishes to perfect and optimize their CAD/CAM process? 

The best way to improve is by continuously practicing and, in parallel, consulting with the experienced collaborative AB Dental staff.


🌐 Dr. Zarcha is a highly regarded expert in the dental healthcare field, contributing his knowledge to improve the field. We are delighted to have him as part of our panel of esteemed clients and look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration.

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