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How to bring a constant smile to your patients


For so many years people were afraid of dentists and dental procedures for many different reasons. This fear still exists today and you probably dealt yourself with shaky patients that were not big fans of dentists. However, technology has reached such a high level these days that at least the pain can get out of the equation. The only things that your patients should get used to are high-quality products and materials, and your approach to them. Having an extensive experience of over 20 years, AB Dental experts are sharing with you some essential steps that will help you bring a constant smile to your patients from the beginning to the end of the process.


Connection with the patient is a priority

Building trust with people that are entering the door of your clinic is an essential key to making them feel more comfortable. Nobody wants to be just “another patient” and this is why we need to connect with each and every one of them. By using simple appointment systems, you can start friendly communication even prior to the actual arrival of the patient at the clinic, just by simply sending them an SMS reminder and using their private name.

Nonetheless, greeting them by their name when they arrive at the clinic will have a “wow” impact, and will make the patient feel very welcomed.

Furthermore, you can guide the receptionist to greet the patients with a smile, offer them a drink and show them around, to make them feel welcomed and important. Once they approach the doctor, we recommend starting with a short chat, by asking them how they feel and being open to any questions. This way they will find you more like a friend than a professional with some dental tools, which will eventually lead to happier patients, who trust you and your team for the long term.


Be organized and create a pleasant environment

A recent study shows that 97% of patients are frustrated about the long waiting time. Try to be as punctual as possible. This way you will show them that you value their time and respect the scheduled appointments. If a short delay happens to come between appointments, make sure your waiting room will keep them entertained. You can display the list of your patients and the time that is allocated to each one of them. Also, when you place a TV, make sure the content that is shown is somehow related to them and it’s not just a random program. As many of the patients are already coming with their own entertainment tool – the smartphone, therefore providing free WIFI would be another option.


A relaxed environment will chase away the anxiety

People are usually coming a bit tense to the clinic and a great way to make them feel relaxed is to improve the waiting room environment. Offer them cozy seats, soothing refreshments, play music that improves the mood and don’t forget to smile and keep a friendly look.

Keep in mind that smell is playing a big role in the total patient experience as well, and that is why it is recommended to balance the clinic’s sterile aroma with an air freshener that can tone it down.


Create easier paying methods

The cash era is slowly fading and more and more people are using modern ways to pay their bills. How about replacing with: You should adapt to this situation by accepting some of the newest payment methods, in your clinic: with a credit card, smartphone, online, bank transfers, etc. – the more payment options you have, the easier it will be for the patients.


Use high-quality and technologically advanced products and materials

At the end of the day, the final result is what makes the patient smile. Besides the clean look of the work, the materials that you use should be of high quality, with a long guarantee and durability. Nobody likes to work on the same problem multiple times. Spending a long time in a patient’s mouth will not make one feel comfortable, either. Try to speed up the process by using high-end technology that allows you to execute most of the procedure outside the mouth. When talking about implants, AB Dental provides the dentist a complete dental solution, starting from computerized implant planning and a surgical guide along with suitable implants, prosthetic parts, and surgical tools, all in one package. In performing a guided implantology, for example, most of the procedure happens outside the patient’s mouth.

Providing an excellent dental practice is what brings your success and makes you stand out from your competitors, creates loyal patients and brings you recommendations. For more tips and ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.



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