A.B. Dental’s scientific seminar in Vietnam

A.B. Dental is pleased to invite members of the international dental community to attend its unique upcoming seminar that will be held in Vietnam, a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a unique heritage, where travel quickly becomes addictive. A range of social gatherings will also take place for participants’ enjoyment.

This year, the beautiful setting for our convention is Vietnam, and we will have the chance to explore these enchanting country's many natural wonders between essential professional lectures, social activities, and lots of vacation fun.


The Scientific Seminar will focus on: Graft Materials in Oral Surgery

Prof. Alexandru Bucur, Head of the OMF Surgery Department "Carol Davila" University Bucharest, Romanian Medical Science Academy member, Vice president CMDR, Romanian Representative at UEMS: "A Comparative Study Octabone vs Biofill S in Bone Augmentation together with Dental Implants."


Dr. Kim, Sung O, CEO, Ti-oss, Cancellous bone substitute, Chiyewon Co. Ltd.: "Simplified augmentation technique"


Dr. Avi Toeg , Oral & Maxillofacial senior staff specialist, The Baruch Padeh medical center: "A New 3d Sinus Titanium Roofing (STR) technique for maxillary sinus lift augmentation in complicated cases."


Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier, DDS, University of Cordoba, Argentina. Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeon. Private practice in Israel. Specialist in Oral Surgery, Implantology and bone augmentations. Lectures in numerous international conferences on implantology: "The predictable way to avoid complications in maxillary sinus augmentations”.
Reaching predictability is the most important thing in all surgical procedures. Specially in maxillary sinus augmentations technical, anatomical and pathological details must be taken into account. During the lecture all this important things will be systematically reviewed.



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