We’ve got very exciting news these days!! A real breakthrough technology for the dental industry is released these days by AB Dental – The I55 CONICAL IMPLANT, approved by Health Canada, expected to have global impact on the dental implants market!

The new implant will help overcome crucial challenges, while providing a substantial improvement in patient care - which is what we always strive to achieve at the end of the day.

Here are some of features dentists can enjoy:
1. A unique design for immediate loading giving maximum Implant stability.
2. Unique combination of aggressive and gentle threads increases the surface area, facilitating the osseointegration process.
3. A narrow apex allowing implant prime stability.
4. The combination of cutting threads allow for minimal insertion trauma.
5. Universal internal hex (compatibility with all prosthetic parts)
6. Build in platform switching

To experience this specific innovation - the I55 CONICAL IMPLANT, join us in Canada for a presentation to be conducted by Prof. Eli Raviv.


Make sure quickly to RSVP at +1 5149414450.


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