Dr. Camilla Pecora

The influence of new techniques and technologies gave Dentistry a new dimension but the operator is still the center of it all. And this is why we need experience, continuing education and formation to get to a level of professionalism that is the only warranty for positive outcomes.

We are happy to introduce one of our important KOLs from Italy, who supports AB Dental with lectures and work with our products – Dr. Camilla Pecora:

“Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Camilla Pecora and I live and practice in Rome, ItaLy.
I graduated from the University ‘Gabriele D’Annunzio’ of Chieti.
I had a very interesting kick start to this profession. Following my father’s footsteps, I started to get into anatomy labs when I was 16 and he was an Adjunct Professor at the UMDNJ in New Jersey. I would help with the dissections and preparation of the cadavers for the courses my father gave to ItaLian dentists and to the Medicine trainees.
I fell in love with surgery and after I graduated I have been working in Brasil. We had a partnership with the University UNG of Guarulhos in São Paulo and I have been trained and training colleagues for more than 10 years. From implants, to bone grafts, to sinus lift, to regenerative techniques… you name it!
I am so grateful for those years because they opened my eyes and my mind and helped me see things clearly and got to be familiar with many different techniques because I got to work with some of the best dentists in the world.
I also had an amazing 3 years experience in Saudi Arabia. Saudi people are very well trained and they want the best for their future dentists and doctors and are very strict about continuing education. Just like me!
More recently, I got to work in Albania and Romania and it was very good to finally hit a place closer to home!

Our Clinic has more than 54 years of history. Our patients are like family to us and we aim to bring them the best technologies and treatment we possibly can.
I firmly believe that we cannot be on top of our game in all dental specialties and this is why we work with other professionals. We learn with and from them, we have the same goals when it comes to our patients and we choose together the best treatment plan in order to be sure we don’t leave behind any detail.

As I mentioned previously, I love surgery and this is what I do. From impacted third molars, to regular extractions, to rehabilitations through implants and regenerative techniques and sinus lifts, to the management of the soft tissues. We are trained to use the microscope in our everyday practice and we are specialized in microsurgery, so we are very attentive to every step of the way that leads to better results and better outcomes for our patients.

I started working with AB last January. AB is very big on continuing education and they inspire nature, so these are some of the reasons that pushed me to use also their implants.
Unfortunately the Coronavirus got in the way and has been challenging humankind for quite some time now. But I am sure we will overcome this and that everything will change and I am ok with that.
I think that change is necessary and the human body teaches us that adapting is vital because this is the way we are made. We change and adapt and we evolve.
So I cannot wait to be back at work and help our patients to smile again and get more confident with what and who they are. We never underestimate the power of a smile!”

‘Whoever said winning wasn’t everything, never heLd a scaLpeL’
CamiLLa NicoLe Pecora


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