U Customized Implant – an interview with Erez Levi, Product Manager, AB Dental

Erez Levi, U Customized Implant Product Manager, AB DentalWe asked our U CUSTOMIZED IMPLANTS Product Manager, Erez Levi, a few questions, in order to learn from his experience what dentists would like to know about this technology, for rehabilitation in cases of extreme bone loss.

View his answers:


In which cases do you recommend a doctor use a customized implant?

First of all, it must be noted that the high quality of the implant, and its precision in matching the patient’s jaw, whether it is in the maxilla or the mandible, results from years of research, extensive experience, and performance of over a thousand cases. By perfecting these three data, we were able to define a product that meets all the requirements in cases of:
1. Severe lack of bone
2. Bone resorption/atrophy
3. An alternative technique for sinus lifting

What are the advantages of the u implant?

1. It is custom-designed and planned for each patient.
2. It is implanted differently from the prevailing vertical method. It is inserted using horizontal titanium fixation screws, that provide maximum stability, regardless of the height and width of the bone.
3. It is 3D-printed from Titanium powder so that it is treated the same as a normal titanium implant in terms of the healing process, and osteointegration.
4. Has extensive fixation options, unlike a normal implant, thanks to the customization technology. The transplant area does not have to be where there is bone resorption.
5. The firm stability of the U implant allows immediate loading.
6. Thanks to the U implant, older patients can continue to enjoy permanent teeth and get rid of dentures.

What are the difficulties that may discourage doctors from using a customized implant?

1. The main difficulty that the doctor fears the most is (post-operative) infection.
2. Another difficulty that can be discouraging is the proximity to the nerve area and the chance of damaging it.

In both cases, AB dental built a complete system that includes:
1. Careful and precise 3D planning.
2. Full information sharing with the doctor from the moment of planning to the execution of the surgical operation.
3. A training course for dentists under the leadership of opinion-leading surgeons.
4. A database that includes videos, studies, and surgical cases.

What is the success rate for the U-implant?

In the last two years, the success rate is 95%. The remaining five percent express cases that underwent correction due to exposure of the implant, in patients with diabetes, progressive atrophy, etc.

Who are the doctors who can perform such a seemingly complex operation?

With one important basic condition, every dentist, as long as he or she undergoes a training course at AB Dental by an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, who uses our U implant.

How long does the full process of a U implant take, until it is implanted?

The whole door-to-door process takes about a month and includes:
– Planning
– Programming
– Medical consultation and approval
– Production
– Sterilization
– Packing
– Shipment
The transplant process varies according to the case and the surgical complexity.
In common cases such as posterior mandible (2-3 teeth), the insertion procedure takes about an hour and a half. In more complex cases – about 3 hours.

What are the steps in performing a customized implant surgery?

The surgical process is discussed during the training course. The course contains special and unique educational parameters, and in addition, live viewing of a surgical operation.

And finally:

From the moment you chose U-implants, everything is possible, and even complex patients can remain loyal customers to you and your clinic.


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