AB Dental history and meaning of the name


The history of AB Dental

Eliezer Bar Shalom was originally a farmer at the collaborative village where he and Ofra lived for many years.
At that time, in Israel’s early years, the villages were looking to enrich their economy, Eliezer found a failing chip processing factory, and ran it for 8 years. The plant was very successful and became the main subcontractor of Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel Military Industries and more. The plant developed complex parts for Israel’s “Lavi” aircraft project. With the economic upheaval, all subcontracting work was discontinued, and the plant was shut down.

In 1986 Eliezer, a creative man, had to find a way to make a living, and started manufacturing dental implants for local dentists. The business succeeded and grew rapidly.
In 2000 Ofra joined Eliezer, in marketing and building the brand. Together they founded AB Dental as a family company for manufacturing and distributing dental implants, which conquered many markets around the world.


The name “AB Dental”

When Ofra and Eliezer Bar Shalom founded the company twenty years ago, they called it
א.ב.ש. – “Alef Beit Shin” in Hebrew letters, which are the initials of Erez Bar Shalom – their first-born son.
“Alef Beit” are the two first letters in the Hebrew Alphabet, equivalent to A & B in the Latin Alphabet. The third letter “Shin” is also the first letter of the Hebrew word “Shtalim”, which means “Implants”.
In 2004, when the company grew, and was intended for worldwide export, its name had to be converted to English. To keep the options open to marketing a wide range of dental products, and not just implants – the name was determined – A.B.Dental Devices Ltd.



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