Three narrow implants

Narrow implants

Three narrow implants

Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier


Left maxilla, area of 22-23-24, narrow ridge.

A number of treatment options:
+ Bone implantation as a preliminary procedure and after 5 months execution of 3 wide implants.
+ Executing implants and implantation of bone grafting simultaneously.
+ Execution of 3 narrow implants.
After a talk with the patient and the prosthodontist, 3 narrow implants were executed – i5 3/13.


Panoramic section from preoperative CT image


Cross-sectional images from CT scan showing borderline width


Periapical x-ray image after the implantation


Clinical appearance before uncovering


Full coverage of implants 22-24 and partial coverage of 23


Laying of healing caps

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