A. CBCT pre-op
B. CBCT pre-op B
C. Smile pre-op
D. Clinical front image pre-op
E. Right side pre-op
F. Left side pre-op
G. Maxilla pre-op
H. Mandible pre-op
I. Right mandible pre-op
J. Left mandible pre-op
K. Right mandible - removed gingiva
L. Right mandible - implant holes drilled
M. Right mandible - implants inserted
N. Right mandible - implants in place
O. Right mandible - P16C abutments on the implants
P. Left mandible -removed gingiva
Q. Left mandible - implants inserted
R. Left mandible - implants in place
S. Left mandible - P16C abutments on implants
T. Left maxilla #25 - flapped gingiva
U. Left maxilla #25 - drilling
W. Left maxilla #25 - implant in place
X. Panoramic image post-op
Y. Mandible - clinical image post-op
Z. Right side - post-op
AA. Left side - post-op
AB. Panoramic mage 6 months post-op
AC. 1 yr. follow-up periapical x-ray - right mandible
AD. 1 yr. follow-up periapical x-ray - left mandible
AE. 1 yr. follow-up periapical x-ray - left maxilla
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