Sinus roof

A. Clinical view
B. Clinical view
C. Clinical view
D. Pre-op CT
E. Pre-op CT
F. Pre-op clinical view
G. Virtual planning
H. 3D prefabricated titanium plate and a plastic surgical guide were printed
I. Surgical guide for bonny slot
J. Another view of the slot and the defect
K. TSR (titanium sinus roofing) Insertion
L. PRF was prepared
M. Bone substitute and implants Insertion
N. A primary non-tension closure of the soft tissue was achieved
O. Immediate post op CT
P. 7 months’ post op CT
Q. Immediate post op CT (with implants)
R. 7 months’ post op CT (with implants)
S. Excellent bone healing
T. Excellent bone healing
U. Excellent bone healing
V. Excellent bone healing
W. Panoramic view of the Implants
X. Panoramic view of the Implants
Y. Final restoration
Z. Panoramic view with the final restoration
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