Guided implant

A. 3D Planning with ABGuidedService
B. 3D Planning with ABGuidedService
C. 4 implants & 3 fixation screws
D. 4 implants & 3 fixation screws
E. 4 implants & 3 fixation screws
F. 4 implants & 3 fixation screws
G. 4 implants & 3 fixation screws
H. Planned Implant Positions – relating to patient’s denture which was scanned in the CT
I. AB Guide from 3D Printer from ABGuided software. the guide is a digital copy of the denture
J. 3D model with analogs, P17 abutments and bar ready
K. P17 ready for immediate loading, bar before cutting distally
L. X-RAY to check abutments not seated fully
M. Abutments in correct position
N. Post-op ct-implants, P17 abutments and bar
O. Implants post-op CT
P. Implants post-op CT
Q. Implants post-op CT
R. Implants post-op CT
S. P17 bar and abutments. The bar can be positioned buccal or palatal to the abutment. The bar sits on the gingival tissue.
T. Lubricant to prevent acrylic sticking, Undercuts blocked clips in position, Clips on bar
U. Light Cure Material to Block Undercuts
V. Blocking Undercuts
W. Fixing denture to clips
X. Fixing denture to clips
Y. P17 clips fixed to denture with light cure acrylic
Z. P17 clips attached to denture
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