Tooth supported - with flap or flapless

A. 26 planned to 1mm from sinus floor for closed sinus lift
B. Implants planned relating to tooth positions
C. 26 drill depth to 1mm below sinus floor Longer implant inserted
D. AB Guide
E. ABGuide-color coded sleeves indicating drill length
F. Confirming depth with Safe drill, stopped 1mm from sinus floor
G. Ready to use hydraulic pressure to raise sinus membrane
H. Saline inserted with controlled pressure
I. Drop of pressure seen in the device display, indicates that the membrane was successfully elevated
J. Saline extracted after membrane lift
K. Osteotomy to fracture the sinus floor
L. Hydration of bone granules
M. Bone granules compressed through the osteotomy into the sinus
N. Implants inserted with AB Guide and depth controlling implant mounts
O. Implants with healing caps. One-stage flapless surgery
P. Post-op X-ray
Q. Post-op X-ray with healing caps
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