Full mouth restoration after drug use


Full mouth restoration after drug use


Dr. Vladimir Suhanov


Main complaint

  • Esthetic issues
  • Restoration of chewing function

Medical history

  • Liver disease
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

Dental history

  • Absence of chewing teeth due to drug use
  • In this regard, multiple caries and pulpitis
  • Bruxism


  • Drinks strong alcoholic beverages
  • Was using drugs for 17.5 years, mostly Heroin, and some narcotic drugs and Amphetamine
  • 5 years in remission

Extra-oral examination

  • By external signs, a decrease in the lower third of the face due to pathological abrasion of the teeth
  • Insufficient lips
  • Falling lower jaw relative to the upper (senile smile)
  • Pronounced mimic wrinkles in the lower third of the face
  • Absence of chewing teeth in the upper jaw
  • Extensive caries and pulpitis


  • Generalized Advanced Periodontitis
  • Angle Class 2 occlusion


  • The prognosis was determined to be good because of the patient’s motivation.
  • The importance of Dental Hygienist visits and home care was discussed and agreed upon before treatment.

Treatment plan

  • Removal of dental plaque.
  • Treatment of caries and pulpitis
  • Sanitation
  • Open Sinus Lift
  • Insertion of implants in the areas of ​​missing teeth
  • After 4-5 months, prosthetics on implants of metal-ceramic screw-retained crowns and on teeth E-max veneers

Products & materials used

  • AB Dental I-5 implants were chosen for the patient
  • Grafting materials included PRF



Radiographic pre-op 2018-2-17


Clinical images pre-op 2018-2-17


Radiographic images post-op


Case delivered 2018-6-20

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