Full arch restoration with narrow implants

Narrow implants

Full arch restoration with narrow implants

Dr. Zev Rothkoff, Jerusalem

Dental lab: Oman, Jerusalem


A healthy male patient came to the clinic with a main complaint of mobile teeth in his lower jaw.

The teeth could not be saved for periodontal reasons, and the mandible ridge was narrow.

The treatment options were:

    •   Bone augmentation
  •   Shortening of the mandible ridge to reach a wider bone
  •   Using narrow implants

We chose the third option, in order to keep as much bone as possible and preserve its height.

Using narrow implants for the anterior area allowed implantation without buccal bone augmentation or coronal bone resection, and kept the gingiva, which will allow a more comfortable rehabilitation for the patient and will be easier for maintaining oral hygiene.

Seven i7 implants + two i6 narrow implants were inserted to the mandible and restored with a fixed bridge.

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Pre-treatment Xray


Implants inserted


After rehabilitation


After rehabilitation


1-year follow-up


Clinical image after 1 year

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