A. Panoramic x-ray before the treatment. The CAT scan shows a bone deficiency in the vertical dimension in the posterior segments. This is a 3-dimensional CAT scan in the lower jaw.

B. Teeth extraction – identifying the location of the mental nerve

C. Initial drilling at a 45-degree angle above the point of mental foramen, which enables placing the future abutment as as possible

D. Spraying the I5 implant. Notice the horizontal marking on the conduit that enables optimal placement of the implant

E. Affixing the abutments – pay attention to the parallels during the use of a 45-degree abutment

F. 17:20 – construction of an acrylic bridge

G. 17:45 – conclusion of the preparation of the temporary bridge and affixing it in the mouth

H. The temporary bridge prepared with immediate loading

I. A final panoramic x-ray

J. 8-year follow-up

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