A. Before surgery: 35-year-old male patient with a severe root resorption
B. Radiographs illustrating the root resorption
C. Radiographs illustrating the root resorption
D. Initial CT-Prior to treatment
E. Exodontia: Root extraction and curettage
F. X-ray after the extraction
G. Insertion of adbone®TCP
H. Post-operative radiograph showing the alveoli filled with bone graft
I. Implant placed simultaneous with grafting
J. Post-operative radiograph showing the immediate implant placement after bone grafting
K. Implant Placement
L. A week after the surgical procedure
M. 3 months follow up
N. Excellent bone formation around the implant. No signals of infection or inflammation
O. 6 months\' follow-up: X-Ray illustrating the final prosthesis, waiting for the conclusion of the orthodontic treatment instead of the prosthetic rehabilitation.
P. 12 months\' follow-up
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