A. Edentulous Mandible
B. 3D Implant Planning, with abutments and fixation pins on jaw model at bone level. Bone augmentation is planned.
C. 3D planning-occlusal view
D. Panoramic view in 3D
E. Jaw Model from CT
F. Jaw model of bone-occlusal view
G. Scans of patient’s dentures, superimposed on the bone in correct relationship. The position of the teeth is related to in the planning of implant positions.
H. Bridge design based on patient’s denture, which was defined as the position of the restoration
I. Model with abutments and gingival tissue
J. Analog model
K. Inter-occlusal height
L. Bridge at bone level in occlusion
M. Surgical guide design at bone level
N. Design of 2nd guide with same fixation, to locate the bridge
O. Cad/Cam bridge on AB Locator Guide
P. AB Surgical Guide with fixation pins. The sleeves are color-coded according to drill length
Q. Drilling with ABGuide
R. Implants inserted through the guide to planned depth and angulation
S. AB Bridge Location Guide
T. Cad/Cam bridge in location, before connecting the sleeves for a screw retained restoration
U. Bridge immediate post-op, Occlusal view
V. Bridge immediate post-op, Anterior view


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