3D Imaging and Surgical Guide to place a single Implant in the Lower Jaw

Single tooth

3D Imaging and Surgical Guide to place a single Implant in the Lower Jaw

Dr. Babich Semion.
There is a general misconception that Guided Implantology is only for complicated cases. However, there is great value in using this technology for even the “easy” cases.
The 3D planning software allows us to relate to all the 5 directions: mesial, distal, buccal, lingual and depth. The implant can be placed in exactly the right position, and often with minimally invasive flapless surgery, with the use of a surgical guide. All the calculations are made before the surgery, and the use of drills with stoppers for the required depth, gives maximum safety.
The implant is inserted through the guide with depth controlled implant mounts. The same procedure is used for multiple implants, for accurate and predictable results.


Model showing missing first molar on the right side.


Model integrated with the CT and virtual tooth.


Very accurate integration of the model with the CT.


Sagital section showing implant in relation to bone, nerve, gingival tissue and crown.


Panoramic view of planned implant positon.


Occlusal view of implant position in tooth.


Implant position in crestal bone.


Guide is digitally manufactured directly from the planning software, with colored sleeve indicating the drill depth.


Occlusal view immediately after implant placement. Flapless and one-stage surgery.


Post-operative xray.

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