Tooth supported - with flap or flapless

A. Panoramic X-ray
B. PA X-rays showing bone loss at 14
C. PA X-rays showing bone loss at 14
D. Panoramic view of the planned procedure with two I5 implants
E. Sagittal Views in 3D Planning Software. Implant 14 is longer than the tooth it is replacing, to give initial stability.
F. 3D view in ABGuided software
G. Axial view of planned implant positions
H. Bridge cut
I. Planning the implants relating to tooth position
J. Tooth Extracted as a traumatically as possible to preserve bone
K. Flap Opened Buccally. Palatal Mucosal Tissue Intact to allow the AB Guide to sit on the tissue and teeth. The incision is made palatal to the implant positions.
L. Report for Implant 14 showing implant dimensions, drill protocol, and bone density.
M. Report for Implant 15
N. Digitally Printed ABGuide on Model - after Virtual Extractions.
O. ABGuide with Colored Sleeves relating to the length of the Colored Drills in the ABGuided Drill Kit
P. Drilling with ABGuide and Colored Drills for direction and depth
Q. Implant Inserted with Guided Mount-for Depth and Direction.
R. Bone augmentation at 14
S. Implant inserted
T. Flap closure with healing cap
U. Post-Op
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