Tooth supported - with flap or flapless

A. Post Trauma
B. Initial stabilization of fractured central incisors
C. CT showing fractures of teeth and bone
D. 3D view from CT
E. After extractions and initial bone augmentation
F. Temporary denture after initial bone augmentation
G. Temporary removable partial denture with tooth positions for aesthetics and function
H. Temporary denture and amount of bone volume to be augmented
I. Model combined with CT. The model shows the soft tissues. Ideal implant emergence is planned.
J. 3D Planning with ABGuide
K. Sagital sections in ABGuided Software
L. Axial view of planned implants
M. Panoramic view
N. 3D view of planning
O. ABGuide with Colored Sleeves (Drill length)
P. Palatal flap incision, and bone exposure
Q. Flap opening and ABGuide in position
R. Verifying the osteotomy
S. Implants inserted through the ABGuide to the planned position
T. Bone augmentation with membrane and titanium mesh
U. After surgery
V. After surgery with denture
W. Full bone and soft tissue profile restored
X. Profile and quality of soft tissues
Y. Post-Op Xray
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