CAD/CAM – Scanning your smile from all angles

Why should you advance to digital dentistry?

How can dentists make their job easier and also improve their patients’ experiences in the dental office? It is all about finding the right technology, which is, and has always been, a core component of dentistry.
The materials and technologies behind CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) have improved greatly over the years, and with them, so did the restorations that patients can receive when their dentist uses this kind of digital dentistry.
The process is quite simple yet efficient: the operator captures a digital scan of the patient’s mouth and sends the image to a milling machine to produce a restoration.
With that in mind, there is no wonder CAD/CAM technology is becoming increasingly popular in the dental field. If you have not yet hopped on this digital trend, here are some things you might be missing out on:


Advantage #1: fast & accurate

CAD/CAM dentistry options are much easier for the dentist, an intra-oral scanner allows the dentist to take digital imaging of the patient’s mouth, much quicker and easier than dental impressions, send it to the lab online, and produce more accurate restorations in a much shorter time. It simplifies the workflow, ensuring better accuracy, speed, and patient comfort compared to traditional methods. Better accuracy also leads to better esthetic results of the final restoration.


Advantage #2: single visit treatment

85% of patients prefer single-visit dental treatments, and that means that CAM/CAM solutions can be very attractive to them. Instead of several visits over 2-3 weeks, CAD/CAM technology allows dentists to perform the same procedure much faster. Impression materials and trays are not necessary, because an intra-oral scanner will replace them and surpass them in its performance. The result is the avoidance of the discomfort caused by traditional impressions and a shorter waiting time for the intra-oral image to be acquired.

A patient’s satisfaction is essential for any good dental clinic, especially when that satisfaction translates into a positive buzz that boosts the clinic’s success and popularity.

Shorter treatment time means also having time for more patients and thus increased profitability.


Advantage #3: better control of the end results

With CAD/CAM, dentists are able to better control and predict how the final restoration will turn out, meaning that the restoration is less likely to need corrections. It’s a way to avoid unpleasant surprises for both the dentist and the patient.

So, CAD/CAM enables dentists to perform dental prosthetic restorations that are more accurate and esthetic in less time, and patients enjoy a faster and smoother process.


All in all, digital dentistry is meant to make our lives easier and CAD/CAM certainly does that for both dentists and patients, being a great way to increase patient satisfaction and get them to recommend your clinic to others. It’s a win-win situation!


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