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Written by: Doron Alush

VP Business Development & Global Sales

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Being in constant growth in the past years, AB Dental has opened the doors for new distributors to join our global network. This is an opportunity to become part of a strong network, grow your personal business, build your own clinics portfolio, and get a strong grip with top-notch technologies in the implantology domain.


Over the last 20 years, AB Dental has been active in over 50 countries having a large network of global distributors, offering a full set of customized solutions, state-of-the-art dental implants and incomparable quality of service.

Becoming part of our global network, the AB Dental distributor will be in constant touch with the newest and most innovative dental tools, that will allow you to be privy to the new technology trends and notice how consumer buying trends are changing a market. In addition, joining our distribution network offers a series of benefits, we summarized the top 8 reasons to make this step and become an AB dental distributor:

#1: Excellent price/quality ratio

AB Dental offers a wide range of solutions and products, of top quality, and a high service on all standards, however, we also understand very well the need of each and every distributor and clinic they serve to remain competitive in a crowded market. To follow this guideline, we are always here to offer good advice and a perfect match between price and quality.

#2: Top-notch dental technologies

One of the main benefits of AB Dental distributors is the exposure to the latest upgrades from the manufacturing part, accessing the newest technology, and seeing how we bring innovation.

Our R&D team is considered to be one of the leading teams in the implantology global industry, with a constant connection to all the required measurements and a continuous innovative approach, managing to develop each and every year unique solutions to support our growing network. You will be able to meet them in our congresses and seminars, both online and offline.

#3: A 1-on-1 Personal sales support for each distributor

One of the top values and milestones of AB dental is the personal approach we offer each and every partner! The journey starts with offering training and customized materials, so that each distributor will get to know our products on the highest professional level, as well as supporting you in sales methodologies. Our dedicated regional sales managers are supporting each one of our distributors, until they reach their mutual short-term and long-term goals, together.

#4: Excellent customer service

Giving our customers great service is a major value for AB Dental management. We strive to find fast and creative solutions to any situation and we know that every client and every patient count. In a dynamic environment, we set high standards to follow the changing needs and support both the distributors and their network in any need.

#5: A wide range of innovative implants’ solutions


Following over 20 years of experience and many thousands of cases, we know very well how to allocate the rights and professional solutions to each and every case.

We offer a wide range of solutions and products to fit everyone’s needs, based on innovative and exclusive technology, including Surgical Guides, Individually-Customized implants, and facial reconstruction parts.

#6: Attractive marketing materials

We provide each distributor a complete set of marketing materials – brochures, videos, flyers, presentations, catalogs, exhibition booth design and more, all are targeted to support the daily educative work that is needed to succeed.

#7: Professional training

As a leading medical innovative company, we know that learning is the key to development, therefore, we focus on two layers of training – the first one focuses on market practice, knowing the products and sales training and the second, focuses on the dentists and clinics around the world, via case studies and webinars, and helping the distributor organize local training events with local and international lecturers.

#8: High regulation and quality standards, including MDSAP

Being present in more than 50 countries around the globe, we maintain our high standards and received high regulation and quality standards, including MDSAP.

At any step you take, we are here with you, supporting your steps and guiding you towards success!
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