3D modeling has revolutionized surgical planning. Patient-specific surgical guides bring the benefits one step further to the actual operating room.

They match the exact planned position and angle of interventions with the reality of the actual surgery.

This leads to a better understanding of patient anatomy and means fewer resources are involved, notably time and costs. The predictability increases confidence in the OR, which increases the chances of a better patient outcome.

Now your dentist has an easy access to the latest imaging and implant planning technology, with ABGuidedService.

Your dentist can virtually plan the ideal location for your implants, using advanced 3D imaging software. All the measurements and decisions are made before the treatment, making the actual placement of the implants easier and faster. A real guide is produced digitally from the virtual planning, to guide the dentist when placing the implants.

In many cases, additional surgeries to add bone can be avoided, by locating available bone. Often, implants can be placed without opening the gums and without stitches, resulting in much less discomfort after the procedure.

  • Maximum Precision
  • Choosing the best treatment plan
  • Angled implants can be planned
  • Safer for both doctor and patient
  • Less time in surgery
  • Superior Long term results
  • The simple use of this advanced technology, allows your dentist to provide the best care for you easily and safely.
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