AB Guided Service: From Scan to Smile

Living in a fast-paced world, everyone seems to want quick results. But does faster also mean better? When it comes to dental procedures, dentists cannot make any compromises because safety always comes first. When the right technology is used, dental services can stay safe and highly efficient, while decreasing the time required to perform them and simplifying the process. ABGuidedService does not only come with advantages for patients, as it allows them to spend less time in the dental office but also for the dentists who can finish procedures faster and deliver high-quality results. This way, there is no need to compromise and everyone leaves the dental office smiling. The process is simple and it involves only four steps:


Step #1: initial prep

The doctor usually uses an intra-oral scanner to create a scan of the patient’s mouth. After that, the patient is sent for a CT scan. Once these steps are completed, the doctor can place an order with our ABGuidedService software and send both scans to AB Dental.


Step #2: 3D treatment plan

At ABGuidedService, our team of experts merges the intra-oral scan with the CT scan to create a detailed and complete 3D imaging of the patient’s mouth, including teeth, gums, and all. Our professionals use that image to study the patient’s mouth and plan the most optimal implant procedure. The procedure is then sent back to the doctor for review. This step allows the doctor to fine-tune the plan, before stepping foot in the surgery room. Most planning happens in advance, allowing the dentist to focus on the procedure to be performed and the patient to spend less time in the dental office. The result? Less stress for everyone.


Step #3: AB Guide

With the final treatment plan completed, the AB Guide is printed using our in-house 3D printer. The AB Guide will be placed in the mouth during surgery, helping the surgeon make the most precise incisions. This assistance makes the procedure faster and safer.

ABGuidedService provides everything needed for the procedure: AB Guide, surgical kits, implants, and prosthetic parts. All in one place.


Step #4: the procedure itself

By this stage, the doctor is more than ready. Most of the work has already been done outside the mouth and the procedure is truly simplified, for both the patient and the dentist. The doctor can follow the guide to ensure the best treatment.

Technology and medicine form the team that makes the dream work. The AB Dental Guide for precise implantations ensures easier recovery, superior long-term results, and the most fabulous and healthy smile.

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