4 Tips for a beneficial doctor-patient partnership

A long-lasting doctor-patient partnership is beneficial to both sides: as a dentist, you know your patients’ medical history, every procedure they’ve ever had, and how they react to and tolerate dental work. This kind of understanding and knowledge leads to improved dental services specifically tailored to your patients’ individual needs, that would only benefit their experience and your expertise. But how do you get there?
AB Dental experts have put together 4 tips on how to create such a good, lasting & beneficial doctor-patient partnership:


Tip #1: Communication is key

You’d say you’re communicating quite well with your patients, but do you cover the off-clinic time, too? Keeping in touch on the online platform is one of the easiest ways to engage with your patients and even learn more about them. Use your social media to make polls (and ask various questions of interest for the domain and for the partnership you aim for), share valuable content, and build your image. People know pretty much only what you share/show. Make sure your professional messages reach them.
#Secret: speak their language!

Tip #2: Amid the procedure…

They say first impressions matter. That’s also the case with the patients who come to your clinic. They notice everything, so make sure everything is clean, they’re welcomed with a smile and they receive all the information they need, in a friendly tone. As for your own actions, try not to appear rushed and to demonstrate empathy and sympathy. Your patients chose to trust you with their health, so they are actually expecting the best treatment – a meticulous, empathetic doctor, who is professional and kind, at the same time. We’re sure you’re just like that!

Tip #3: Sharing is Caring

A curious patient is a healthy patient. Even if your patients don’t have the medical knowledge you do, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to know what you’re doing to their teeth. Explaining them ( in a friendly, understandable manner) and asking for their opinion when it comes to decision-making or even sharing some info on the new tech you’re using, will surely make them feel valued at your clinic. Being clear about procedures, expectations, and outcomes will lead to better treatment.
#Secret: same goes for scheduling future appointments. Make sure you show your respect for their time, too.

Tip #4: Recognize cultural differences

We live in a multicultural, multireligious, diverse, and wonderful world. Make sure to keep this in mind and make everybody feel comfortable, safe, and accepted at your clinic. It may mean the world to them and they will surely keep you in high regard. Bonus: recommendations will surely follow, too!

Overall, partnering up with your patients will definitely lead to better health outcomes for them and a better reputation for you. Follow the tips above and enjoy a beneficial doctor-patient partnership.

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