4 Benefits of AB Dental Implants

We believe that there is always a way to make our products better, which keeps us on a path to constantly innovate. Being on the market for more than two decades allowed us to be dedicated to going beyond simply addressing today’s market needs, and providing visionary and enhanced solutions with breakthrough technologies.
Curious to know what this experience allowed us to achieve?
These are four of the main benefits of AB Dental implants, from their surface treatments to their versatility.


  1. AB Dental Innovation for Long-Lasting Dentures

The main purpose of an implant is to replace our natural teeth when needed, may it be one tooth or a full edentulous mouth. Thus, they require going through some unique processes so the body of the patient will successfully integrate the implant with the other teeth. All AB Dental implants undergo a special treatment starting with Resorbable Blast Media (RBM) with Biological particles of Calcium-Phosphate for surface roughening. This process is then followed by several thermal acid etching treatments, to enhance the implant surface and provide it with the perfect roughness and microstructure.

The final implant is extremely clean, free of contaminants and provides direct attachment of the bone to the implant, and promotes fast and optimal Osseointegration.


  1. All Platforms Are Covered

The wide variety of implant platforms and threads designs calls for a wide variety of solutions. That is exactly what AB Dental provides – the vastest and fullest range of rehabilitation or restoration solutions, that can be customized for any case a dentist could encounter, whether it is an overdenture, a cement-retained or screw-retained restoration. One of the main attributes of covering all types of platforms is avoiding bone loss, which is extremely important to the implant’s success and stability. Another advantage of the wide variety of restoration solutions is the ability to achieve perfect aesthetic results.

This aspect transforms AB Dental into a full-service and solutions provider for all implantology needs.


  1. Wide Variety to Fit All Cases

A dentist can encounter, throughout their career, lots of cases, varying from simple to very complicated. We thought of every clinical need a dentist (and a patient) could have and, therefore, we created AB Dental’s range of implant designs, which includes an extensive spectrum of implants, varying in shape, threads designs, lengths and diameters, suitable for every case – soft or hard bone, various bone levels, wide or narrow ridges.


  1. AB Guided Path To Implantology Success

Innovation is one of our most important assets. We do our best to ensure safety, comfort and precision for the procedures that have to be taken, for both the dentist and the patient.

The AB Guided Service involves living in the future – AB Dental takes care of planning the implant placement using computerized 3D technologies. Our service requires only four steps, bringing maximum precision and the best and safest treatment plan for the patient. Hence, even the most complicated cases will register a superior rate of success.


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