Digital technology and 3D printing have significantly elevated the rate of success and transformed the workflow and practice of dental implant standards of care. Click here to read the results of the study on implants produced by laser sintering.

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These results indicate that additively manufactured 3D porous constructs mimicking human trabecular bone and produced with additional surface treatment can be customized for increased osteoblast response. Increased factors for osteoblast maturation and differentiation on high porosity constructs suggest the enhanced performance of these surfaces for increasing osseointegration in vivo.

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The objective of this study was to examine the influence of a trabecular­ inspired porosity manufactured by laser sintering on cell response and bone ingrowth. The effect of a 3D trabecular porosity was also observed in vivo, where porous implants were able to support vertical bone growth even without the addition of exogenous factors. Laser sintering was used to produce constructs for in vitro and implants for in vivo studies. Ti–6Al–4V implants fabricated by additive manufacturing to have porosity based on trabecular bone and post-­build processing to have micro­/nano­ surface roughness can support vertical bone growth in vivo, and suggests that these implants may be used clinically to increase osseointegration in challenging patient cases.

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Additively manufactured 3D porous Ti-6Al- 4V constructs mimic trabecular bone structure and regulate osteoblast proliferation, differentiation and local factor production in a porosity and surface roughness dependent manner

Biofabrication 6 (2014)

Alice Cheng, Aiza Humayun, David J Cohen, Barbara D Boyan and Zvi Schwartz


Novel hydrophilic nanostructured microtexture on direct metal laser sintered Ti–6Al–4V surfaces enhances osteoblast response in vitro and osseointegration in a rabbit model

2016 Wiley Periodicals Inc.

Sharon L. Hyzy, Alice Cheng, David J. Cohen, Gustavo Yatzkaier, Alexander J. Whitehead, Ryan M. Clohessy, Rolando A. Gittens, Barbara D. Boyan, Zvi Schwartz


Laser Sintered Porous Ti–6Al–4V Implants Stimulate Vertical Bone Growth

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA Alice Cheng, David J. Cohen, Adrian Kahn, Ryan M. Clohessy, Kaan Sahingur, Joseph B. Newton, Sharon L. Hyzy, Barbara D. Boyan, Zvi Schwartz



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